28 February 2008

Memory of Feelings

Invented by Patricia, Joe and Isabella

· Lay the cards face up on the table
· Put the blindfold on

· Then you have to feel two
· If they are the same you keep them and you keep going
· But if you get the wrong one, it’s the other person’s turn
· The one that has the most cards is the winner


This is a paper thing and it is from MacDonald's. First it was a box and then I just ripped around it and it made a little carriage. It's a little bit shiny on the outside and inside it's dull. If it got wet inside, I think it would break.

If you look carefully you can see the 'serrations' that made it easy to rip.

This is a fairy that I made and it's made out of paper. I put a little bit of string on top of her head so it can hang on something. I put some scotch inside so that the feet get stuck and she can sit like a real person.

22 February 2008


I got this when my tooth fell down. Inside there were candies and I already ate them. When I woke up I couldn't find it and I looked everywhere. Then I looked under my pillow and there it was.

It's made out of fabric and the zip is plastic. I think it is a 'man-made' fabric. It came from oil.

This is a teddy bear and I got it when I was three years old. It's made of fabric.

Joe said, "I wonder if it's man-made."
Patricia answered, "I think it's a man-made fabric because it feels like that. It has a crackly noise like sweet papers."